3 Kids Camping Gear Learning Resources

Hi, as you may know I’m a father of a 4 years old boy and I love camping.

I spent may time surfing on the web looking for some kids camping gear learning resources but I didn’t find any list at all. So I decided to create this 3 cheap (I paid something around $50 for all three items) good quality and fun gear.

My goal was to find some learning resources that my kid could use and learn by playing with them so it had to be something fun not risky but at the same time instructive, here is the list I made, bought and tried.

I hope you find it helpful and keep teaching by playing!

1. Carson Adventure Pak


The Carson Adventure Pak is a great birding kit for youth. The binocular is 5×30, which is good for birding and good for children. The lower magnification means less “handshake”, and a more stable image. Also, this binocular is a smaller size which is good for younger hands. Most of the items in this adventure kit seem durable and well made. The cord for the binocular is thin, but seems sturdy. The only problem I have discovered so far, is that the thermometer on the whistle does not work. Probably I got a defective part although I have red other people had the same problem.

The kit contains 5x30mm binocular, lensatic compass, flashlight, and whistle/ thermometer All made of durable plastic and the flashlight has a rubberized handle
Comes with a pack that can be worn on your belt loop and will hold all of your outdoor tools, 1-year warranty.

With this basic kit my kid had a lot of fun while camping but at the same time he learned how to use the compass and binoculars, we played during the night and practices some SOS signals with the flashlight! :)

To see more information on the Carson Adventure Pak click on the button. Enjoy!

2. Learning Camp Set

learning-camp-set kids campin gear

I Ordered this Learning camp Set to complement the Carson Adventure Pak Set because  He has enjoyed going camping, having picnics and making us food with his Pretend and Play Camp Set. We love toys that encourage him to use his imagination and this one fits the bill.

And it does more than I actually thought: I should have noticed from the picture that the utensils swivel apart to make two sets (fork/can opener and knife/spoon) which is good for sharing, the silver base of the canteen comes off to make another dish or container, and the “flames” on the camp stove raise and lower manually. The lantern and camp stove both light up which makes it more realistic without taking away from the pretend aspect. Anyway be careful when lighting it up 😉

Just wish the set came with a little pack to keep it all together–but we are using an old basket which works just fine. Other than that it’s a great little set for the price and so far seems durable and I have not a single problem with it.

To see more information on the Learning camp Set  click on the button. Enjoy!

3. Safari Cargo Vest


As I’ve mentioned before we love toys that encourage him to use his imagination, and to complement the Carson Adventure Pak and the Learning camp Set we decided to buy this Safari Cargo Vest which by the way comes with a binocular and a kids large magnifying glass which complemented his camping gear he is off to explore the wonders of outside, having fun and learning from the world around . A great adventure every time he puts this well made vest on. Lots of pockets and hooks for all his “stuff” and treasures!

I must admit the vest is really too large for my 4 year old but it hasn’t been a problem for him with all those pockets and hooks “who cares” he said to me :)

To see more information on the Safari Cargo Set  click on the button. Enjoy!

I hope you find this sets useful and fun as we did!






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    1. Hello Richard,
      Thanks for passing by, I try to get him tired during the day with so many activities that at the end of the day he’s just like a zombie 😀 Just enjoy the day and do as many activities as you can.

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