Bulin BL300-F2 Ultralight Compact Camping Gas Lantern



Bulin website states: Mini designed. be made of high intensified light aluminum alloy and nickel alloy material. Adopt high temperature material lampshade with good brightness.

Buling is Chinese company based in  YongKang. Although Bulin do not provide much information on their website as you can see, I analyzed the Bulin BL300-F2 Ultralight Compact Camping Gas Lantern and decided to list it within this section, I paid something around 25. I have to say this is a compact well designed lantern it isn’t a Coleman but still a medium quality I would say I like light small lanterns for long hiking trails and this lantern remind me to the Coleman Northstar PerfectFlow Instastart Propane Lantern just smaller and lighter, lumens wise the Bulin BL300-F2 can reach up to 720 and last up to 4 hours.

More over, it comes with a carry case for easy packing and protected storage.


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 Manufacturer Bulin
 Price[USD] 25.9
 Pros -Compact and Lightweight
– Includes three mantles and storage case
– No glass
– Hard plastic storga case
 Cons – Might not be used for all ocassions due to  Lumens
– No base included
 Dimer  Yes
 Ignition PIEZO automatic ignition
 Best used for  backpacking and camping
 Weight [lbs]  0.32
 Weight [kg]  0.148
 Dimension 2.76 x 2.83 x 5.98 inches (7cm x 7.1cm x 15.1cm)
Run time[h] 4
Lumens 720
Fuel type Butane/ Propane
 warranty [y] 2
Notes – includes the lantern, storage case, three mantles, and an adapter for a different type of butane canister you won’t really use in the U.S.


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Bulin BL300-F2 Ultralight Compact Camping Gas Lantern on May 16, 2015 rated 4.1 of 5

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