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Coleman website states: Reliable, extended-run outdoor illumination can be yours with the Coleman Compact PerfectFlow Lantern. With EverBrite™ Power, you get a bright 273 lumens on high in most outdoor conditions. Plus, this dependable lantern has an impressive 12-hour runtime using only one tank of fuel. This single mantle lantern lights with matches and is completely adjustable from low to high. Featuring PerfectFlow™ technology, a chain handle and a unique footed base, the Coleman® Compact PerfectFlow™ Lantern is your travel-worthy companion for a night under the stars.

The Coleman Compact PerfectFlow Lantern  is definitely very good for backpacking and long tracking walks it is very compact, having a metal guard around the globe is great you can store it with all your gear without worrying about damaging (verified! :) ).

As I mention in the cons of my review it uses mantles #51 which are not easy to find but ones I found them I bought some of them so I don’t have to worry about it anymore. It comes with a holding chain which is good as well for hanging or just going around.

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 Manufacturer Coleman
 Price[USD] 26.24
 Pros – Small and compact size
– Single mantle
– Chain handle for easy carrying and hanging
– Metal guard with built-in stabilizer protects globe
 Cons  – You’ll need matchs for ignition
– Uses mantels  #51 (hard to find)
 Dimer  Yes
 Ignition Match
 Best used for  backpacking and camping,
 Weight [lbs]  1.2
 Weight [kg]  0.544
 Dimension 7 x 4 x 5 inches (17.7cm x 10.1cm x 12.7cm)
Run time[h] 12
Lumens 273
Fuel type Propane
 warranty [y] 3
Notes – Having a metal guard around the globe is great too


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Coleman Compact PerfectFlow Lantern Review on May 17, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5

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