Dietz 2500 Jupiter Lantern

Dietz -2500-Jupiter-Oil-Lantern


The Dietz 2500 Jupiter Lantern is the largest lantern made by Dietz, and uses the standard #850 D-Lite globe. It is an oil hurricane lantern capable of lighting up to 75 hours running with oil, the  Dietz 2500 Jupiter Lantern uses the common and easy to find 7/8 inches wick.

The Dietz 2500 Jupiter Lantern  produces a noticeable amount of heat capable of heating a small room. It generates clear white light, stable wide base thanks to the large fount. It comes in different colors.

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 Manufacturer Dietz
 Price[USD] 48.62
 Pros -Stands 15 inches tall
– Burns for 75 hours on 80 ounces of fuel
 Cons – Oir lanterns use wick
– Not the lightest
 Dimer  Yes
 Ignition Match
 Best used for camping, emergencies, hunting
 Weight [lbs]  8.25
 Weight [kg]  3.74
 Dimension 15×10 inches (31cm x 25.4cm base)
Run time[h] 75
Lumens n.a.
Fuel type Oil
 warranty [y] 2
Notes – Uses 7/8 inches wick


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Video Review

Dietz 2500 Jupiter Lantern on May 17, 2015 rated 4.0 of 5

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