LED Camping Lanterns Comparison Table


This is our easy to use LED camping lanterns comparison table, see side by side all the different models decide according to your criteria. Make a smart choice!

This table combines different types of fuel, like propane, Coleman Liquid Fuel, gasoline and Oil. If you are looking for specific Propane camping lanterns see our Propane comparison table.

WARNING: ALL propane lanterns, heaters and stoves are “NOT FOR INDOOR USE”.

PictureNameManufacturerPrice[USD]ReviewProsConsBatt TypeWeight [lbs]Weight [kg]DimensionAv Batt Life[h]Lumens warranty [y]Notes
1Divine LEDDivine LED18.97Review- Compact
- Handler
- Single light intentisty3xAA0.750.343.5x7 in
streamlight 44931 camping lanternStreamlight 44931Streamlight36.57Review- Four White C4 LED's
And One Red C4 LED
- Preserve night vision
Light instensities
-Floats, Water Resistant
- Limited Lifetime
3xD 0.90.44 x 4 x 7.2 in
Supernova 300 lanternSupernova 300Supernova36.99Review- Compact size- Size vs light vs price3xD x 3.2 x 7.2 in
Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Rayovac SE3DLNACOM Sportsman 240 Lumen 3D LED LanternRayovac 25.62Review-High/Medium/Low
Light instensities
-Lifetime waranty
-Battery life is lower
than its counterparts
3xD 0.80.363.4 x 3.4 x 7.3 in
90240100Easy find green LED
light blinks every
5 seconds
AYL Starlight camping lanternAYL StarLight - 300 Lumens Ultra Bright LED AYL19.99Review-Low, High and Flashing strobe lighting modes
-Lifetime waranty
-Difficult tu change
3xD 0.90.44 x 4 x 7.2 in
Coleman Twin Led LanternColeman Twin LED LanternColeman33.09Review-Dimer for light intensity- Uses 8xD batteries8xD 1.20.547.2x13.6 in
2993905Fluorescent tube(s)
contain mercury (Hg)
Thorefier Camping LED LanternThorFire Camping LED Lantern USB Rechargeable ThorFire 18.99Review-Built-in battery
-Compact and
-Extremely Portable
-Dimmable light
-Very Low battery life-0.360.1673.3 x 2 x 2 in
2.51255100% SATISFACTION
Coleman Quad LED lanternColeman Quad(TM) LED Lantern Coleman64.59Review-Water resistant against
rain and splashing
-Four individual light panels
-Uses 8 batteries 8xD x 11.7 in
Whetstone 36 LED Solar and dynamo camping lanternWhetstone 36 LED Solar and Dynamo Powered LanternWhetstone 26.76Review-Solar and Dynamo charge
-USB port for cellphone
Light instensities
-came with
no instructions and
a plain box
3xAAA10.45 4.4 x 4.4 x 10 in
451401The handle has a
very nice hook that
swings up when you
need it
Coleman 4D XPS Classic lanternColeman 4D XPSClassicColeman24.34Review-Weather-resistant-body and lid are thin
4xD1.40.6310.8 x 5.4 x 5.3 in601905Can use the
interchangeable 6V
XPS rechargeable
battery pack



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