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streamlight 44931 camping lantern


In this Streamlight 44931 Review (The Siege Lantern) I describe some of the features collected from the community, I hope you find it interesting and helpful to make a choice.

Applies to The Siege:
* 12-day low-mode makes this multi-use lantern an excellent portable lighting source in power outage situations
* low-medium-high modes can {initially} produce 340-175-33 unfocused lumens using three D-size alkaline batteries and with the outer globe removed
* run time claims of 30-70-295 hours of white LED light in high-medium-low modes/235 or 430 hours of red LED light depending on mode selection (**)
* two additional modes activate a red LED to produce either a constant red beacon or a repeating S.O.S. signal at an initial output of 10 lumens
* rugged elastomer over-mold provides bump and drop protection to 2 meters
* corrosion resistant housing
* frosted polycarbonate globe reduces glare while providing 360 degrees of diffused lighting coverage
* outer globe may be easily removed for conversion to a non-diffused lighting environment for percieved increase in brightness
* Streamlight recommends powering the Siege with three D-size alkaline batteries [sold separately]
* will function with D-size NiMH, or any like-type AA cells (including lithium Energizer L91 AA) coupled with spacers
* recessed power/mode switch helps negate accidental actuation
* when lantern is on, power/mode switch glows as either green, amber, red or flashing red to help user judge the remaining capacity of their batteries
* rubberized notched metal handle or metal top/bottom D-rings offer user hanging options
* rated IPX7 meaning the lantern may be submerged to a maximum depth of 1 meter for 30 minutes without water ingress
* with outer globe in place, lantern will float upright and continue to function
* Streamlight offers a 2-year warranty on switches and electronics with proof of purchase and a limited lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects
* lantern base grips well and tends to stay in place
* compact form—it is 7.25 in. tall and supported by a 3.80 in. diameter base with a D-size alkaline-installed-weight of 1 lb. 15 oz.
* polarity guides facilitate correct battery orientation and matched indexing/alignment posts make battery change-out easy and virtually mistake proof
* positive audible “click” when base is turned to its closed and locked position
* if powered OFF in either of the three white LED modes, the next time you power ON the lantern will be in the white LED high-mode
* if powered OFF in either of the two red LED modes, the next time you power ON the lantern will be in the red-beacon mode
* manufacturing origin: China
* not equipped with a slow-blinking green locator LED as seen in competing area lights {stated as neither a pro or con}
* red modes function in high mode only
* no strobe feature
* non-regulated output meaning it will not step-down in brightness, but instead, gradually dim over the life of your alkaline batteries
* does not ship in a Streamlight carton and user instructions are located in battery compartment

(**) The following run time parameter is stated in the Streamlight product fact sheet for The Siege: “All {run time} claims to 10% of initial output.” Product fact sheet and specific warranty is viewable under docs/info tab at the Streamlight website.


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 Manufacturer Streamlight
 Price[USD] 36.57
 Pros – Four White C4 LED’s And One Red C4 LED
– Preserve night vision
– High/Medium/Low/Red Light instensities
– Floats, Water Resistant
 Cons – Limited Lifetime Warranty
 Battery Type  3xD
 Weight [lbs] 0.9
 Weight [kg] 0.4
 Dimension 4 x 4 x 7.2 in (10.1×10.1×18.2)cm
Av Batt Life[h] 295
Lumens 340
 warranty [y] 1


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Streamlight 44931 Review The Siege Lantern on June 24, 2015 rated 4.5 of 5

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