Supernova 300 Review LED Camping lantern

Supernova 300 lantern


I got this Supernova 300 light about a month ago (begining of January) and I’ve had some time to test it out and play around with it. I wanted a light that could be used for emergency home situations and camping. My area is prone to lighting strikes which can sometimes knock out the lights for a few hours. Here in North Carolina we also deal with the occasional tornado, hurricanes, and snow storms. I have a propane lantern that I have used but those are not really recommended for indoors and I would be scared that my 4 year old would knock it over. So that is the motivation for the purpose.

The light itself is a little smaller than what I was expecting. I’ve included a photo that shows it next to an iPhone. The construction of the light appears to be good and with the added weight of the 3 batteries (D) it isn’t likely to fall over easily. When the 3 batteries are in, a little light above the “on” switch will pulse green. The bottom, top, and sides of the light have a rubber shield around them to absorb any falls that the light might have. The light has a metal handle for the top and a plastic hook underneath. This gives you multiple options as to placing the light in your home or a tent.

The light is very bright. I was surprised at how bright it was for such a small lantern. I went into my garage with all the lights off and this did a pretty good job of lighting it up. This thing would be great to take under the house when needed as well. The small size of the lantern makes it easy to carry around and store. I realize this now as being something of an advantage for the light.

I had no problem putting the batteries in or shutting the battery compartment. The battery compartment and cover both have red arrow stickers that you just match up and then turn it closed. I’ve included some photos so you can see this. So far, I am very pleased with this and can see this light being helpful in multiple ways. Home repairs in dark places, emergency situations, and camping. It is well constructed and although it looks like a toy in appearance…I see it as a very useful tool for the home and recreation.

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 Manufacturer SuperNova
 Price[USD] 36.99
 Pros – Compact Size
– Handler
 Cons – Size vs light vs price
 Battery Type  3xD
 Weight [lbs] 0.9
 Weight [kg] 0.4
 Dimension 3.2 x 3.2 x 7.2 in (8.1×8.1×18.2)cm
Av Batt Life[h] 144
Lumens 300
 warranty [y] 5


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Supernova 300 Review LED Camping lantern on June 24, 2015 rated 4.6 of 5

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